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Industry-leading fraud protection mechanism; accept credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts in more than 200 countries or regions

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As the digitalization trend of the industry becomes more and more obvious, and a new revolution dedicated to changing the third-party payment industry, LIKED-PAY came into being. Technology-led business model innovation is increasingly becoming a powerful driving force in industrial transformation. "Developers" have the right to speak. Only through comprehensive innovations in payment service processes and operating methods can they conform to the new development trend.

LIKED-PAY adheres to the "developer-friendly" concept and creates a new "plug-and-play" aggregate payment access method and service model to help merchants quickly access mainstream payment channels and guarantee the convenience of the payment process with digital services , Safe and unblocked.


For trade collections, Linked-pay is the first choice-universal, seller guaranteed, convenient and fast. We spare no effort to create a safe and convenient online shopping experience for you. Buyer protection will ensure that the goods you buy are worth the money.

Easy to get started

Low barriers to payment access, simplified procedures, payment processing and account settlement services in the digital age

Aggregate payment

Scenario application restrictions are few, payment methods are diverse, 10+ years of payment technology precipitation, comprehensive application of security technology, to ensure the safety of every transaction fund of the enterprise

Compliance settlement

The efficient settlement system not only provides customers with various settlement methods, but also makes your settlement more possible

professional team

The professional customer service team will provide you with the best payment solutions. 7 * 24 Real-time and comprehensive system and business monitoring to ensure service stability

One-stop cross-border payment solution leader

Submit the required corporate qualifications or individual qualifications through business negotiations, submit your corporate materials, and open a registered account for you after the review is passed

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